Blue Cross Of Northeastern Pennsylvania in Belmopan, Cayo - Blue Cross of North Eastern P.A.

Belmopan, Cayo

In April Blue Cross changed their policy and made my life a complete misery. What happened was that I have a doctor in New York, a specialist and researcher of Multiple Sclerosis, and have been seeing him for 15years..

I also get a very expensive treatment which Blue Cross has paid 80%. Without this treatment I will be in a wheelchair and in pain. The treatment is 80grams of gamma globulin once a month. I also get stem cells as a research program and both work together.

It is really helping me. My doctor is out of state and out of network and that was not a problem. I paid a $500US deductible and 20%.. Now I am an Independent wildlife fimmaker and the business has been bad and not getting much work.

So income is nil.. NOW Blue Cross new policy is they do not pay for out of network at all and out of state the doctor must be a member. BUT with a deductible of $3000 out of state and $1200 in state with a blue cross member--this is like a HMO.. I have a PPO.


ANyway I complained and they will pay 60 percent out of network with an over all deduable of $4200 plu $250 co-pay. I can not pay the 40% or the deducibles..

I am really in bad shape and now no one cares what happens to me.. I need the treatment and can not get help anywhere.

Blue Cross Of Northeastern Pennsylvania in Scranton, Pennsylvania - Blue Cross/Blue Shield NE Pennsylvania Run Around


BC/BS of Northeastern PA is the worst! My wife has advanced cancer and needs time-release pain patches and medicine to control the nausea from chemo and radiation.

They paid for the chemo and radiation but only allow three days a month of medicine for the nausea - idiots. So she is supposed to just vomit the pills that they paid for the other 27 days? They covered the pain med for the first month, and now will only cover 20 days of the same exact med this month, claiming that they have changed their policy, even though the formulary on their website doesn't say any thing about a change. When I called them they told me that its my doctor's problem.

Take my advice, save your money, don't go with BCBS NEPA, just order the pills you need from India, you'll be better off. You'll actually stand less of a chance of being ripped-off by India in my opinion.

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